The dental evaluation or diagnosis is a determination, qualification, and identification of a condition or disease, through the signs and symptoms that the patient presents.

In order to have a good diagnosis of your oral health, you must complete a questionnaire called Anamnesis, which asks about your general health.

As well, a clinical examination and complementary tests, such as X-rays or 3D tomography, are performed, in order to create a prognosis and a treatment plan.

A treatment plan is the proposal for a solution to your oral problems, which are identified during the diagnostic process. This plan is explained in a sequential, logical, and orderly manner, in order to recover and maintain oral health.

Before starting any procedure, the treatment plan must be established. However, this plan may have modifications if an emergency arises or if something unforeseen arises during the treatment.

The treatment plan includes the following decisions:

All the information about your evaluation, treatment plan, and file is entered electronically, which allows us to keep a secured record of all the treatments performed. You can request a copy from our dentist at any time.

Besides your treatment plan, our dentists will present you with a budget and schedule, as well as information on financing options and payment options. If you have any questions about your treatment plan, call us at 4010-3333 or 800-SONRISA (800-766-7472) or write us at [email protected].