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Dental crowns

Dental crowns are a restoration that completely covers the portion of a tooth to the margin of the gum. It can also be placed on a dental implant.

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  • 12-14 crowns and/or units bridge for the upper jaw
  • 12-14 crowns and/or units bridge for the lower jaw
  • 24 to 28 temporaries
  • 3 root canals (only if necessary)
  • 3D dental tomography & panoramic x-rays
  • Occlusal guard
  • Medication (pain medication, antibioticsand local anesthesia).


  • Arrival exclusive service at the Juan Santa Maria Intl Airport.
  • Private transfer Airport/Hotel/Airport (Within San José área).
  • Private transfer Hotel/Clinic/Hotel*.

No advance payments required to book your appointment.

Dental crowns has the look and structure almost identical to the rest of the natural teeth, therefore this will restore not only the functionality but also the aesthetics.

The dental crowns will  be permanently cemented  to the implant or to the tooth, which has been previously reduced in size and shaped to both support the crown and to make sure it does not protrude. The tooth or crown implant feels, acts and looks like a natural tooth.

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Dental tourism is common in Costa Rica, due to its highly qualified professionals, many of them with international certifications, and the use of materials and drugs approved by the FDA.


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noble metal Dental crowns

Noble metal is an alloy of chromium with nickel, which has been used for years in dental laboratories for crowns and for dental bridges, obtaining excellent results. Once the noble metal structure is created, it is covered with porcelain to create the white appearance of a tooth.

zirconium dental crowns

One of the innovations in materials for the manufacture of dental crowns, is the use of zirconium, which has had great acceptance due to the aesthetic results obtained, especially for its translucency.


Both dental porcelain crowns with noble metal and porcelain with zirconium can be used in restorations, since both materials provide the same strength , The doctor will be the one that  recommend what will be the best alternative for your specific case.

Smile confidently with dental crowns!

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