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Dental implants

In cases where one or more teeth have been lost one of the solutions considered most appropriate for their replacement are dental implants.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), “dental implants are frequently the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Rather than resting on the gum line, like removable dentures, or using adjacent teeth as anchors like fixed bridges, dental implants are long-term replacements that your oral and maxillofacial surgeon surgically places in the jawbone”.

A dental implant is a “root” device, usually made of titanium, used in dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth (crown) or group of teeth to replace missing teeth (fix bridges).

Virtually all implants placed today are root-form endosseous implants and are placed within the bone.

The bone of the jaw accepts and osseointegrates with the titanium post. Osseointegration refers to the fusion of the implant surface with the surrounding bone. Dental implants will fuse with bone however they lack the periodontal ligament so they will feel slightly different than natural teeth during the chewing process especially during the first weeks after the restoration.

Same Day Dental Implants

The terminology Same Day Dental Implants or “Immediate Load Dental Implants”, refers to the process of the implant and crown completed in just one stage and requires only a few days; however, it is commonly misunderstood. Some patients expect to have their teeth removed and replaced with a number of dental implants all at the same time.

Two Stage Dental Implants

The Two Stage Dental Implants or Traditional Dental Implants are used in cases when more of a margin of safety is required. Since it is generally safer and wiser not to subject an implant to biting forces until it is fully healed and integrated with the supporting bone.


The cost of a dental implant treatment in Costa Rica varies according to each case, the number of missing pieces, the conditions of the patient’s bone structure and the method recommended by your dentist must be taken into account. To prepare a budget, an evaluation and diagnosis is required through a clinical examination and complementary tests such as 3D tomography.

Smile confidently with dental implants!

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