Orthodontic treatments vary according to the position of the teeth and the relationship between them.

There are fixed and removable options depending on your case. In most cases, fixed appliances are used consisting of bands in the area of ​​the molars and brackets on the previous teeth.

These brackets can be normal metal or aesthetic polymer or sapphire. The brackets and bands are joined together by special wires called arches, which can be made of different alloys. While the braces and bands remain throughout the treatment, the arch wires are changed as needed.

In many cases, garters of different diameters are also used. In some cases when there is not enough space for all the teeth, it is necessary to extract some teeth.

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Tratamiento de Ortodoncia en Costa Rica

Many treatments are carried out on children and adults with devices that the patient can remove and put on by himself. In addition to taking advantage of orthodontics, bone turnover in children and stimulating, inhibiting or guiding bone growth to prevent future surgery.

In some cases a first stage of treatment is required to correct certain malocclusions (bad bite). This first stage can be carried out with removable braces.

There are also semi-removable appliance that the orthodontist easily removes at each appointment, to activate them, but that the patient cannot remove.

Sometimes a turned, protruded, or badly positioned tooth in a child is the cause of complexes, so much so that they can stop smiling or interfere with their self-esteem. In these cases, the problem can be corrected with removable appliances that are cheaper, more practical, and require less time than fixed braces, since the intention is not to correct all the teeth but one or a few teeth.

Some adults with mild problems can benefit from this type of treatment that corrects certain bad positions without going into long treatments.

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