Do you require a fixed prosthetic treatment and are concerned that it will not look aesthetically pleasing? Let us introduce you to zirconium

Modern dentistry seeks to restore the patient’s lost balance, esthetics, and function. For this reason, dental materials have evolved with odontology, looking for better color, hardness, and resistance properties. Here is when materials such as zirconium appear, which provides excellent qualities of color, transparency, and long-term resistance.

Zirconium is a chemical element with the symbol Zr, characterized by a grayish-white color and several degrees of translucence, so it has been taking a leading role in modern dentistry, which allows rehabilitating crowns on implants, making dental bridges with highly esthetic and resistant results. One of the qualities of this material is the fact that it allows us to manufacture metal-free restorations, is lightweight, easier to clean, and is highly biocompatible with the body.

It is a material that is available in the presentation of discs or blocks to be used by CAD-CAM Technology. This technology allows us to work with much more precision in a shorter time, offering more comfort for both the patient and the dentist. It can be used for single cases, as crowns in esthetic sectors and dental implant crowns, with an excellent fit.

There are many brands and forms of this material on the market. In Sonrisa Para Todos have our dental laboratory, with a qualified team of dental technicians with years of experience in aesthetic cases. We always seek to be at the forefront, training and evolving with the technology. That is why we take time to study carefully each dental material to ensure that our choice is the right one.

For these reasons, we are working with Aconia® and Katana™, two companies that manufacture zirconium discs with multilayer technology, which are available in a wide variety of colors and translucencies, allowing us to get crowns with high esthetic qualities, with a resistance to bending that surpasses the rest of the dental materials by a wide range.

The Dentist will determine the material to be used for prosthetic treatment, according to each case. If you would like an evaluation to determine the best dental treatment for you, and to rediscover the pleasure of a smile, request an appointment for an evaluation and treatment plan with a 3D scan at +506 4010-3333, WhatsApp +506 7031-7979. Or you can also contact us through our website It will be a pleasure for us to help you.

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