They are extremely thin transparent covers that are placed on the teeth in order to align the dental pieces without the need to place wires or garters in the mouth. This type of orthodontics must be placed by a specialist in Zero Brackets and is a recommended treatment for patients who have slightly crowded, crooked, or separated teeth. Not all patients are candidates for this procedure, so it is essential that a professional in orthodontics performs the dental evaluation to determine if it is possible to place the aligners.

Zero brackets is an effective, aesthetic, and faster treatment than conventional orthodontics since it helps because it creates a controlled plan for the precision of the movement of the teeth that will be carried out in three stages:

1. Evaluation and study
The first step to know if you are a candidate for the Zero Brackets treatment is a comprehensive evaluation with an orthodontic specialist who will determine if it is possible to use Zero Brackets. Once confirmed, an orthodontic study is carried out.

2. Design the plan
Once the case study is completed, the Zero Bracket specialist will proceed with the treatment plan, design, and manufacture of the aligners.

3. Treatment
Once the Zero Brackets are ready, an appointment will be scheduled with the orthodontist to place and start using them. The specialist in Zero Brackets will indicate the time and the number of covers that will be required to obtain the ideal result. With this type of orthodontics you can see the first results within 15 days, and they should be used 22 hours a day, removing them only to eat.

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