Invisalign are known as invisible braces These aligners are a kind of totally transparent covers, almost imperceptible by other people, that are placed on the teeth to correct various problems such as crowded, crooked, or separated teeth, cross, deep, or open bite. Through the Invisalign that the orthodontic specialist will place, the pieces will move until they are perfectly aligned.

Among the advantages offered by this type of aligners for patients, one is that they are comfortable since each one has a personalized design so the adaptation at the dental level is perfect. Another advantage is its aesthetics, because of the transparency they have, they can be remove at the time you are going to eat some food, and they are very easy to wash. In conclusion, this type of orthodontics is a fast, effective, and aesthetic treatment that will give you the opportunity to have the smile you always dreamed of.

Invisalign placement procedure

The first step to find out if the patient is a candidate for Invisalign treatment is to coordinate a general assessment appointment with one of our Orthodontic specialists.

1. Once the specialist makes the diagnosis and determines that the Invisalign may be placed, the file of the patient will begin, by taking photos, X-rays and molds of the teeth.

2. The patient’s records will be sent to the United States to go through a scanning process that has the perfect precision to obtain a computerized three-dimensional record, which the orthodontist and dental technician will study and plan the dental steps to be executed. Once this is done, several transparent aligners are accurately manufactured.

3. The specialist will place the Invisalign on the patient to start the process of correcting dental problems, which should be used 24 hours a day, except for meal times.

4. The Invisalign will be changed when the orthodontist indicates, since each aligner is designed to perform a specific movement.

5. The treatment time with this type of transparent aligners varies according to each case, but approximately ranges from 6 months to a maximum of 18 months.

At Sonrisa para Todos we are certified by the pioneer company in aligners called INVISALIGN. In any circumstance, it is important to coordinate a dental evaluation to determine which is the most viable option to correct your smile. We invite you to consult with our specialists about the best options for your case.