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Your dental problem always has a solution. Currently there are dental treatments that can improve your quality of life, obtaining excellent aesthetic and functional results, giving you the opportunity to be seen as you have always wanted. We invite you to see some of our Success Stories.

Case #1: Crowns and Fixed bridges


Patient presented broken and cracked teeth caused by Bruxism.

  • Before-Bruxismo
    Antes Bruxismo Después


Complete Rehabilitation was performed with zirconium crowns and bridges.Improving considerably shape, color and size of the teeth.

Case #2: Smile Venners


Patient requested an evaluation. He felt unhappy with the space between his front teeth. In addition, wanted a notorious change in the appearance of his smile.

  • Before-Carillas
    Antes Carillas Después


Treatment with porcelain venneers was performed. Complete correction of the gaps and shape of the teeth. We achieved an excellent result of the aesthetics in general.

Case #3: Zirconium crowns for oral rehabilitation


Patient was affected by ¨tooth wear¨ or erosion and metal crowns with a bad adjustment.

  • Before-Zirconio
    Antes Zirconio Después


Treatment with Zirconium crowns is performed. It improved alignment, color and shape of teeth, given as a result a juvenile, symmetric and an aesthetic smile.

Case #4: Full oral rehabilitation with individual crowns


Patient came to the clinic with all of his natural teeth; however, they were worn down, had cavities, some cracks and yellow spots caused by some medication.

  • Before-Coronas
    Antes Coronas Después


All of his teeth were crowned with porcelain zirconium, restoring not only aesthetic but also functionality of his smile.

Case #5: Full oral rehabilitation + dental implants + bridges


Total toothless patient, wanted to get rid of her dentures because of the constant movement of these. Patient did not have stability to talk nor eat. Complaint of inability to chew food.

  • Before-Implantes
    Antes Implantes Después


Complete oral Rehabilitation is carried out by using fixed dental bridges on implants. The patient recover correct functionality to speak and eat. Feels more confident with himself and that guarantee a positive effect in his self-esteem.